Shandong gold is a large-scale listed company integrating mining, selecting and smelting, mainly producing investment gold bars and silver ingots of various specifications. The company mainly produces and operates xincheng gold mine, Jiaojia gold mine, Linglong gold mine, Sanshandao gold mine, Yinan gold mine, Pingdu Xinhui gold mine and other well-known large and medium-sized mines at home and abroad.


In January 2000, shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd. and four other promoters jointly initiated and established the company.

In August 2003, Shandong Gold was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In December 2008, the company acquired approximately 73.52% of the chifeng Chai Gold Mine, the company's first mine located outside Shandong Province, realizing the company's strategic gold mine layout in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On November 5, 2010, the signing ceremony of equity transfer between Shandong Gold and Shandong Jinshi Mining Co., Ltd. was held in Jinan. The contract to acquire a total of 75% of shandong Jinshi Mining Co., LTD.

In October 2012, the company acquired 80% of the rights and interests of Fujian Yuanxin Gold Mine, realizing the company's strategic layout of gold mines in Fujian Province.

On November 9, 2015, China Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved Shandong Gold to issue shares to purchase assets and raise supporting funds.

In October 2016, the company acquired the exploration and mining rights of Linglong Gold Mine - Dongfeng Mine area, the exploration rights of Sanshandao gold mine - Xinli mine area, all the rights and interests of Penglai gold Mine, and 70.65% of The interests of Huizhuang Gold Mine. In December, the company was incorporated into the Shanghai 50 Index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


The main business of Shandong gold is the production and sales of gold mining, metallurgy, special equipment for gold mining and building decoration materials (excluding products restricted by national laws and regulations). The business scope covers gold geological prospecting, mining, smelting, precious metals, non-ferrous metal products, gold jewelry purification, processing, production, marketing, gold mining equipment and materials, construction materials production, marketing and so on. The main production standard gold ingot and various specifications of investment gold bars and silver ingot and other products.

In the first half of 2018, the company's mineral gold output reached 19.39 tons, up 3.85 tons or 24.80 percent year on year.

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